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Portrait of Suzy

Suzy Berry

Suzy has dedicated the last 13 years to working with people, families and organisations to realise their potential, transforming the way disability services are delivered. Suzy is a nationally recognised leader in Australia’s disability and NDIS mental health sector.

Suzy is originally from the UK, where she studied law, politics, economics and gained a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Suzy has been working on her passion of social reform, public policy and transformational change: making an impact.

Suzy has enjoyed frontline roles helping people to access supports, realise their NDIS goals and get the best out of their NDIS plans, as well as executive roles at some of Australia’s largest NDIS providers of mental health, psychosocial supports and plan management supports.

She was a member of the Mental Health Australia’s expert panel on Optimising Psychosocial Supports for NDIS, an important publication that contributed to recovery coaching making its way into the NDIS Price Guide.

Suzy also has a personal commitment to the sector, with family members and friends continuing to challenge traditional thinking on rights, inclusion and service delivery.

One of Suzy’s core beliefs is that if it can be imagined, it can be created. Combine this with her drive for best practice and excellence and that gives you an idea about one of Goal Coach’s founders and her vision for the service.

Portrait of Alex

(Recovery Practitioner)

Alex is passionate about living life to the fullest and supporting others to make the best life possible. He believes that each of us has the ability to be fulfilled in our life’s pursuits and passions.

Alex has been providing coaching and mental health support for over 10 years and has been a key contributor and principal trainer of NDIS training to assist future and existing NDIS participants and their collaborative partners in navigating the NDIS and support services since 2017. Alex has a strong record as a workplace trainer and facilitator of professional development for mental health and community sector professionals including executives. As a qualified Trainer and Assessor, Alex draws upon over 20 years of experience assisting individuals in social and community services roles to understand and navigate the subtle nuances of the person-centred practitioner stance to optimise client outcomes.

During his free time, he is an unapologetic gamer and loves connecting with friends and family using World of Warcraft (WoW) and spending time with Mr. Diego aka ‘The Neighbours Cat’.

(Recovery Practitioner)

Andrea has been working in the mental health, suicide prevention and homelessness sector for the past six years. Andrea is passionate about mental wellbeing and supporting people to live a life based on personal strength and values. 

(Recovery Coach)

Ash is a kind and compassionate recovery coach, focused on supporting others to be the best versions of themselves. He is passionate about helping others unlock their potential and he helps his clients to lean into their strengths and gifts to achieve their goals. 

Ash is a keen traveller and has worked in Dubai, London and Sydney mentoring others and supporting them with their relationships, career and financial goals. He is particularly passionate about men’s mental health and uses his own lived experience in the disability space to support his work. You can find Ash in the surf or walking along the beach, playing soccer, or enjoying a good book about mental health. 

(Recovery Coach)

Rhiannon is an experienced support coordinator and coach, dedicated to meeting the real needs and goals of people with disability. Rhiannon combines a decade of supporting people on their recovery journey with her own lived experience, to create opportunities to activate their unique gifts and strengths to achieve their goals. 

(Counsellor | Coach)

Susannah has dedicated her career supporting people reach their potential, her passion to be of service to others!  An experienced wellbeing practitioner Susannah really enjoys working with people to reveal their strengths and goals, whilst making space for people explore what really matters to them.

Susannah is a qualified counsellor, mentor, coach, youth worker and has many years’ experience working to empower a wide range of people including young people, senior Australians, the neurodiverse community, women exiting the justice system and many more.

With an Advanced Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV in Youth work, a Certificate in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Susannah is dedicated to her own personal development by continuously researching and implementing what she is learning.  

With years of experience teaching life-skills and confidence building, counselling and meditationSusannah has a broad tool kit of approaches to assist people in relaxation and expression themselves.

Susannah also enjoys the practical side of coaching and supported many people with employment, housing, budgeting, health and counselling and self-advocating for better services.

(Customer Success)

With over 7 years of experience in customer service roles, Luna is dedicated to supporting people from all walks of life.

Studying psychology and anthropology at the University of Melbourne, Luna has a keen interest in mental health. Seeing the value in strength-based approaches, she is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives.

Luna grew up in Germany before moving to the UK to attend Brockwood, a school founded by philosopher Krishnamurti. When she arrived in Australia 8 years ago, she developed a love for this country and its people. When she is not at work or studying, Luna enjoys being outdoors or playing with her dogs.

Luna values kindness and integrity, and believes that effective communication is the key to a good relationship. Devoted to improving quality of care, she is here to listen and assist with any enquiries.

(Customer Success)

Emma is passionate about mental wellbeing and empowering people on their journey.  Emma combines her experience as a mental health support worker with varied customer service roles to assist people connect to the right coach to achieve their goals.

Emma is currently in her 4th year of studying psychology at Monash University and is looking forward to making a positive change in the industry. Emma knows having someone who actively listens can make all the difference.

When she’s not with Goal Coach you can find Emma at the gym or spending time with animals.


A Coach should work with you to identify goals the you want to work towards. A good coach will work with you to self-direct and grow in the direction you want to go.

They know that you can make your own choices and have the ability to solve problems for yourself. You should expect a coach to be focusing on solutions and getting things moving, not just focusing on issues and barriers.  Coaches should also work with others who support you, to make sure they understand how to best assist you achieve your goals and outcomes. They should work with you to develop a plan for when things might not be going so well. This can assist in ensuring that you are supported in a way that works best for you.

Recovery coaching is not support coordination or support work. Like support coordinators, recovery coaches know all about the NDIS and the price guide, build community connections, help you achieve your NDIS goals.  They also can help you with NDIS reviews, establish your supports, problem-solve and manage unexpected situations.

But recovery coaches are ALSO recovery practitioners, with specialist knowledge, skills and experience in working in a way that supports people with psychosocial disability and mental illness to live as empowered citizens and build a life that’s not defined by their diagnosis.  ​

When you’re looking for an NDIS recovery coach you should ask them about their experience and qualifications.  You want to know they have the skills and capability to support you well.  The minimum qualifications you should expect are a Certificate IV in Mental Health or Mental Health Peer Work and have at least 2 years relevant work experience. But it’s not just about the training, you should feel that they are the right coach for you and a good fit.

The standard hourly rate for NDIS recovery coaching in metropolitan areas is $85.62 per hour as at July 2021.

Family, friends, and colleagues may be able to refer you to an NDIS psychosocial recovery coach across Australia, or you may be able to find one online. Remember – it is important to assess the credentials of the recovery coach and take the time to feel more comfortable with them. At Goal Coach, we provide a psychosocial recovery coaching service and are onboarding new clients. Our team is led by nationally recognised experts in NDIS mental health.

People with NDIS plans have the option to select to work with coaches that have learnt experience or lived experience.

Coaches with lived experience are also referred to as peer coaches and are people that openly identify and use their lived experience of mental illness and recovery as part of their work.

Professional Peers are powerful role models for hope and demonstrate the possibility of successful recovery. They can walk alongside people and can provide unique expertise when developing recovery goals.

Their work is informed by the principles of peer work practice, which has guidance on how to effectively and safely draw on their own experiences to foster hope and guide people towards self-management and recovery.


Get quality, practical coaching, coordination and counselling, tailored to your goals and needs

No matter what stage you’re at, or your family’s situation – good coaching can make all the difference.

We believe in getting you the right information and support when you need it, and for an affordable price. Knowledge is power. Submit your details to find out more today.

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