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We've reimagined support coordination.

The next generation of support coordinators has arrived! We partner with you to bring your goals to life, creating opportunities for you to flourish.

What is a support coordinator?

A support coordinator will work alongside you to establish your support network, expand your experiences, and optimise your NDIS plan. They will build your skills and confidence, so you can regain independence and be in charge of your own life.

Support coordinator

You are the expert in your own life

With Goal Coach, you will be in the driver’s seat with our support coordinators by your side.

What does a support coordinator do?

What makes our support coordinators stand out?

Your goals not your labels

We’re in your corner and won’t define you by a diagnosis or label.

Experts in the NDIS and mental health

We’ll support you navigate the systems but you’re the expert in your own life.

We work in partnership with you

We take the time to truly get to know you: we explore your passions, goals, strengths and listen to your ideas.

Real solutions

Our coordinators focus on real solutions and practical steps to navigate the ups and downs and build the life you want.

Beyond your NDIS plan goals

At Goal Coach, we recognise that there’s more to your journey than the NDIS! Not only do our coordinators know the NDIS system and will help you understand your plan and funding, but we will also look beyond this, at the bigger picture. We will help you to set personal goals (beyond your NDIS goals), to focus on the things that matter to you across all areas of your life. 


A support coordinator will assist you in building a strong network of supports around you. At Goal Coach, we look beyond just activating your funded supports – we look at the bigger picture and support you across all areas of your life, including setting personal goals and developing skills.

A support coordinator will assist you to implement your plan, build a strong network of connections and proactively plan with you to respond to unplanned events and achieve your goals. A specialist support coordinator provides the highest level of support coordination and should have additional expertise to address specific complexities or barriers that may be present in your life.

If you are unsure which form of support coordination would be best for you, book in a free 15 minute chat with one of our team members and we’ll figure out the best fit for you.

Recovery coaching is not support coordination or support work. Like support coordinators, recovery coaches know all about the NDIS, but their focus is on facilitating your own personal growth and learning so you can release your full potential.  

Coordinators and coaches will help you with NDIS reviews, establish your supports, problem-solve and manage unexpected situations. But recovery coaches are ALSO recovery practitioners, with specialist knowledge, skills and experience in working in a way that supports people with psychosocial disability and mental illness to live as empowered citizens and build a life that’s not defined by their diagnosis.

Yes you can! Unless your NDIS funding is stated, you will be able to use your budget flexibly between the two services. Goal Coach often works with people who would like to keep their existing support coordinator in place to assist with specific tasks but are also looking to work on their own personal discovery and growth journey with a dedicated coach.

As of July 2022, the standard hourly rate for NDIS support coordination in metropolitan areas is $100.14. 

Yes – we welcome all clients with or without an NDIS plan. We also support people to access the NDIS. Reach out to one of our team members to learn more here. 

People are talking about Goal Coach

"Life changing. I've achieved more with Goal Coach in my first few weeks, than in years of therapy...”
I had found out my NDIS plan was not going to be renewed. I was completely lost. Even my support coordinator at the time abandoned me. But they picked up the phone… with their support I’ve now had three new plans and accomplished many of my goals.
Nellie J.
With Goal Coach, breaking down my recovery goals into steps was less confronting, I felt empowered and could see where the finish line is. I can now enjoy quality time with my family.
“Amazing service, thank you”

Get quality support coordination tailored to your goals and needs

No matter what stage you’re at, or your family’s situation – good coaching can make all the difference. We believe in getting you the right information and support when you need it, and for an affordable price. Knowledge is power. Submit your details to find out more today.

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