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A psychosocial recovery coach is a qualified professional

Who understands psychosocial disability, mental health and the NDIS. They can partner with you to organise your supports and work towards your goals.

What is a psychosocial recovery coach?

A psychosocial recovery coach will help you identify your goals, look for opportunities, develop your support network and empower you to make your own choices so you can live the life you want.

Our qualified and experienced recovery coaches are independent, so you can be confident they’re in your corner. Think life coaching but with professionals who understand emotional wellbeing and just get it.

Our Difference

Your goals not your labels

We don’t define you by a diagnosis or label.


We’ll work together, as a team

We look at the bigger picture

We’ll support you across all areas of your life and any personal goals you have. We will work in the direction you want to go in.

Tailored support

We treat everyone as an individual and tailor our support specifically to your needs.

What do recovery coaches do?

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a leading way of working with people a psychosocial disability or mental illness to assist them lead full and contributing lives.  A coach will:

Specialist support coordination

Available nationally, easy to access

We work with people all over Australia, with or without NDIS plans, who are looking to work towards their life goals. For those that have NDIS plans, psychosocial recovery coaching complements other forms of support. This means your NDIS recovery coach won’t provide your daily supports, but they will be your go-to person to bring all of your NDIS supports together.

You are the expert in your own life

You’ll be in control and we’ll work with you at your own pace. Our coaches take a strengths-based approach where we build upon your strengths to work towards your goals. We don’t define you by a diagnosis or label. We will support you as an individual and will work collaboratively to find a solution that works for you.


A Coach should work with you to identify goals the you want to work towards. A good coach will work with you to self-direct and grow in the direction you want to go.

They know that you can make your own choices and have the ability to solve problems for yourself. You should expect a coach to be focusing on solutions and getting things moving, not just focusing on issues and barriers.  Coaches should also work with others who support you, to make sure they understand how to best assist you achieve your goals and outcomes. They should work with you to develop a plan for when things might not be going so well. This can assist in ensuring that you are supported in a way that works best for you.

Recovery coaching is not support coordination or support work. Like support coordinators, recovery coaches know all about the NDIS and the price guide, build community connections, help you achieve your NDIS goals.  They also can help you with NDIS reviews, establish your supports, problem-solve and manage unexpected situations.

But recovery coaches are ALSO recovery practitioners, with specialist knowledge, skills and experience in working in a way that supports people with psychosocial disability and mental illness to live as empowered citizens and build a life that’s not defined by their diagnosis.  ​

When you’re looking for an NDIS recovery coach you should ask them about their experience and qualifications.  You want to know they have the skills and capability to support you well.  The minimum qualifications you should expect are a Certificate IV in Mental Health or Mental Health Peer Work and have at least 2 years relevant work experience. But it’s not just about the training, you should feel that they are the right coach for you and a good fit.

As of July 2022, the standard hourly rate for NDIS recovery coaching in metropolitan areas is $93.34. If you do not have an NDIS plan but are interested in accessing our qualified and experienced staff, reach out to our customer success team for more information.

Family, friends, and colleagues may be able to refer you to an NDIS psychosocial recovery coach across Australia, or you may be able to find one online. Remember – it is important to assess the credentials of the recovery coach and take the time to feel more comfortable with them. At Goal Coach, we provide a psychosocial recovery coaching service and are onboarding new clients. Our team is led by nationally recognised experts in NDIS mental health.

People with NDIS plans have the option to select to work with coaches that have learnt experience or lived experience.

Coaches with lived experience are also referred to as peer coaches and are people that openly identify and use their lived experience of mental illness and recovery as part of their work.

Professional Peers are powerful role models for hope and demonstrate the possibility of successful recovery. They can walk alongside people and can provide unique expertise when developing recovery goals.

Their work is informed by the principles of peer work practice, which has guidance on how to effectively and safely draw on their own experiences to foster hope and guide people towards self-management and recovery.

People are talking about Goal Coach

"Life changing. I've achieved more with Goal Coach in my first few weeks, than in years of therapy...”
I had found out my NDIS plan was not going to be renewed. I was completely lost. Even my support coordinator at the time abandoned me. But they picked up the phone… with their support I’ve now had three new plans and accomplished many of my goals.
Nellie J.
With Goal Coach, breaking down my recovery goals into steps was less confronting, I felt empowered and could see where the finish line is. I can now enjoy quality time with my family.
“Amazing service, thank you”

Get quality psychosocial recovery coach tailored to your goals and needs

No matter what stage you’re at, or your family’s situation – good coaching can make all the difference. We believe in getting you the right information and support when you need it, and for an affordable price. Knowledge is power. Submit your details to find out more today.

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