NDIS counselling

Our NDIS counselling supports you

to strengthen your skills, increase your independence and overcome challenges.

What is NDIS counselling?

NDIS counselling is a therapeutic service delivered by accredited professionals. At Goal Coach, our counsellors create a safe space for you to unpack and clarify the things you feel are holding you back or causing emotional distress. We offer focused time for you to explore options, develop strategies to overcome barriers and sort through conflict. We will assist you to process your experiences and create new perspectives. 

Our NDIS Counselling

No judgement

Reflection, acceptance and active listening

Safe space

timesConfidential, nurturing and validating

You take the lead

Empowering exploration and discovery

Capacity Building

More than emotional support, gain skills to live life well

How do I know if I need NDIS counselling?

Most people experience difficult and challenging times – life isn’t straightforward. Talking to your friends and family can be really helpful, but it’s not always possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or unfulfilled, then counselling can assist you make sense of these feelings and thoughts and get you back on track.

What can NDIS counselling achieve?

Having a kind and independent professional there to support you work through your feelings produces positive results. Benefits of NDIS counselling: 

Available nationally, accessible to all

We work with people all over Australia, with or without NDIS plans.

How does our counselling work?

Our qualified counsellors will truly listen and understand your story even when you may be struggling to communicate your needs. We will work alongside you as you establish your own set of personal goals and develop ways to achieve them. With empathy and without judgement, we provide opportunities, solutions and new ways of thinking.

psychosocial support

What's the difference between counselling and coaching?

Although counselling and coaching both work to release your potential and develop new skill sets, they are different services and use different approaches.

Clinical support



Our counsellors create a safe space for you to talk about whatever situation or challenges you may be facing. We will work with you to overcome these barriers and build your skills to move forward. We will remain respectful, show empathy, and uphold strict confidentiality at all times 

Yes! Many people working with Goal Coach access both. Coaching and counselling are two different services. In fact, the two services are complementary and can work well together advancing your goals and reducing barriers you may be facing. They just do this in different ways.   

Goal Coach works collaboratively with your team to make sure everyone is on the same page, including a person’s clinical teams, supporters, family and other people you’d like to bring into your circle. Goal Coach has counsellors, coaches and coordinators, but we also work extensively with other providers to bring your goals to life. 

Goal Coach’s counsellors are qualified individuals who are registered with the Australian Counselling Association – the peak national Association for Counsellors. Registered counsellors maintain their membership to the association by completing 25 points of professional development per year and have at least 10 hours of professional supervision per year. Learn more about our team here.

Goal Coach provides counselling at a rate of $170 per hour to non-NDIS participants and from $156.16 per hour to those in metropolitan areas with NDIS plans. 

There are many different ways you can access a counsellor. Sometimes, someone might refer you to a counsellor, or you may be able to find one yourself online. 

Remember – it is important to assess the credentials of the counsellor and take time to ensure you feel comfortable with them. Goal Coach is offering counselling with immediate availability, so if you are interested in talking to one of our counsellors, book a free 15 minute chat here.

Yes – we welcome all people with or without an NDIS plan. If you don’t have counselling funded in your NDIS plan, reach out and talk to one of our friendly customer success staff to explore options by clicking here.

People are talking about Goal Coach

"Life changing. I've achieved more with Goal Coach in my first few weeks, than in years of therapy...”
I had found out my NDIS plan was not going to be renewed. I was completely lost. Even my support coordinator at the time abandoned me. But they picked up the phone… with their support I’ve now had three new plans and accomplished many of my goals.
Nellie J.
With Goal Coach, breaking down my recovery goals into steps was less confronting, I felt empowered and could see where the finish line is. I can now enjoy quality time with my family.
“Amazing service, thank you”

Get quality NDIS counselling tailored to your goals and needs

No matter what stage you’re at, or your family’s situation – good coaching can make all the difference. We believe in getting you the right information and support when you need it, and for an affordable price. Knowledge is power. Submit your details to find out more today.

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