A specialist support coordinator is a qualified professional

Who offers the highest level of support coordination.

What is specialist support coordination?

Our specialist support coordination service is here for you when you need that extra support to address the barriers and complexities you’re facing.   

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What do specialist support coordinators do?

Our specialist support coordination service will deliver the assistance that a support coordinator does, with some additional activities using their relevant expertise to get your closer to your goals, including:   

Specialist support coordination

A support network tailored to you

Our specialist support coordinators pay particular attention to developing your support network in a way that is tailored to you and your needs. Together, we can determine which support services are best suited to you. We will connect you with these services and form a nurturing community around you.   

We take a deep dive

Our specialist support coordinators take a deep dive into tricky situations to reduce risk, difficulties and barriers you may face. We will work alongside you to manage challenges and will draw upon your resilience and resourcefulness to prepare for the future.

Specialist support coordination partnering with you

Our specialist support coordination approach looks to work in partnership with you. We will always take the time to truly listen to your needs and develop a thorough understanding of your personal goals. We understand the fluctuating nature of life and will remain by your side through the ups and downs. 


A specialist support coordinator provides the highest level of support coordination. They provide the same services as a support coordinator, as well as address specific complexities or barriers that may be present in your life. They should have extensive experience in the areas most relevant to you, and typically have qualifications to support the work they do such as social work, case management or other allied health disciplines. 

Specialist support coordination also tends to be time limited, meaning that it would be funded in your NDIS plan for a limited time for you to overcome and resolve more challenging situations. If you are unsure which form of support coordination would be best for you, book in a free 15 minute chat with one of our team members and together we’ll figure out the best fit for you. 

Yes – it’s quite common for people to have a range of professionals supporting them. A coordinator, counsellor and coach all have different roles and approaches, and deliver their services to assist you in different ways. You may have specific goals you want to work on with one professional and engage another to support you with resolving a specific issue or situation. 

The key is collaboration and communication between you and your team, making sure that everyone is working towards your goals and preferences. This helps with eliminating duplication of services and keeps things progressing. It is best practice to have one main anchor – a professional that’s across all of your supports and goals – with other professionals contributing with their area of expertise. Learn about the other services we offer here.

All of Goal Coach’s specialist support coordinators have a diverse range of experience in supporting people with complexity in their life. They have expertise in a range of areas, such as counselling or social work, and exceed the minimum expectations set out by the NDIS Commission. 

If you would like to learn more about our team or explore whether our service is right for you, please reach out to our customer success team here who can discuss what you’re looking for.

As of July 2022, the standard hourly rate for NDIS specialist support coordination in metropolitan areas is $190.54

If you do not have an NDIS plan but are interested in accessing our qualified and experienced staff, reach out to our customer success team here for more information. 

Yes – we welcome all people with or without an NDIS plan. If you have identified a need for specialist support to work through complexities or overcome challenges you are facing, our staff will be able to support you and your team. 

Goal Coach’s staff have extensive experience in a range of areas, and all specialise in mental wellbeing and supporting people experiencing emotional distress. We will work to match the right specialist with the most relevant experience and qualifications to you. 

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"Life changing. I've achieved more with Goal Coach in my first few weeks, than in years of therapy...”
I had found out my NDIS plan was not going to be renewed. I was completely lost. Even my support coordinator at the time abandoned me. But they picked up the phone… with their support I’ve now had three new plans and accomplished many of my goals.
Nellie J.
With Goal Coach, breaking down my recovery goals into steps was less confronting, I felt empowered and could see where the finish line is. I can now enjoy quality time with my family.
“Amazing service, thank you”

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