Macy’s Story – Setting goals to live life well

Posted: December 22, 2021
Last updated: November 10, 2023
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Macy was looking for support to build a good life

Macy was admitted to hospital as she  was struggling to manage her everyday life due to her significant mental illness. Macy was looking for assistance to manage her mental health and reduce her hospital admissions.
“Like many I didn’t know where to start or what the first steps to take were – I felt completely lost.”

Goal Coach’s outcomes-based approach works with mental health services and the NDIS

Prior to her discharge, Macy connected with Goal Coach. “I found accessing Goal Coach was really simple. Once I made a booking on their website, a Goal Coach team member contacted me straight away.” After meeting with a recovery coach, Macy was able to identify areas in her recovery journey that she wanted to work on. Together they identified her strengths and goals and were able to prioritize an action plan based on the things that mattered most. Working together, Macy and her recovery coach created a tailored recovery plan to meet her goals that included creating social connections, engaging in volunteer work, managing her lifestyle, and being able to confidently leave the house to access the community. Macy’s recovery coach also supported her to select her NDIS supports to assist her meeting her goals.  She connected with allied health supports,  an exercise physiologist and occupational therapist as well as daily support staff to build her capacity.
“I found the tools and strategies my recovery coach used were helpful and easy to put into action.. Now I feel that I have control with my recovery journey. I am focused on what I want to work towards.”

Developing strategies for Macy on her recovery journey

Goal Coach’s recovery coach used recovery tools to help Macy in keeping track of her progress and breaking down her goals into manageable steps. Focusing on what was most important to Macy, encouraged her to complete her goals.
“Breaking down my goals into steps was less confronting, I felt empowered and can see where the finish line is.”

Achieving goals with Goal Coach

With regular coaching and support from her recovery coach, Macy is now able to:
  • Navigate her support needs
  • Create her own support team to assist her to achieve her goals
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Regularly attend community activities.
“My recovery coach helped me find the right support team and service that suited me. I no longer feel like a burden to my family and can enjoy quality time with them.”

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