Occupational therapy for managing a disability

so you can get on with enjoying life

Occupational therapy for managing a disability

We understand how frustrating it can be to face barriers in everyday tasks. Whether you need help improving mobility, getting out and about, doing daily tasks at home, or managing in your workplace – it’s our role to find ways for you to overcome those barriers.

We’ll work with you to come up with practical techniques and solutions for your individual situation, such as:

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With no wait list, Goal Coach’s occupational therapists can help you get started with an online appointment right away, no matter where you’re located.

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How do I know if occupational therapy will help me?

If you have challenges in your (or your child’s) everyday life, it’s our job to find a solution! Yes, that’s pretty broad, but we’re used to working with a wide variety of situations and coming up with a tailored solution for each individual client.

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Occupational therapists work with children and adults to overcome all sorts of challenges – physical, psychological and behavioral – in their everyday lives.

With no wait list, Goal Coach’s occupational therapists can help you get started with an online appointment right away, no matter where you’re located.

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Alex SomersbyAlex Somersby
05:53 05 Aug 23
Lori WoodwardLori Woodward
09:26 21 Jul 23
Goal Coach is great. I talk to my PRC every week and she helps me stay on task with my NDIS goals and helps me stay balanced and consistent with my health goals. She is caring and empathetic and an excellent PRC. I highly recommend Goal Coach.
Ben PBen P
10:11 28 Jun 23
both Simone and Camilla have helped me with my plan and organising my supports. They've been easy to get a hold off and attentive
Michael StundenMichael Stunden
04:32 13 Dec 22
​Professional support services, personalized advice and positive communications. Highly recommended for understanding and using your NDIS plan!
Mark DanielsMark Daniels
04:18 13 Dec 22
Friendly experienced staff who really work hard to achieve your goals
Amy WallisAmy Wallis
00:41 13 Dec 22
This is a fabulous service! The process to get started was so easy and efficient. I was allocated to a Support Coordinator/Recovery Coach very quickly and I’ve found them to be incredibly helpful! Very kind, understanding, supportive, empowering, organized, proactive, and efficient. It’s been such a different experience for me with Goal Coach compared to other services and is helping in so many ways. I strongly recommend them.
GoalCoach, it's in the title that speaks for itself. Definitely specialist right when you need them. GoalCoach is the very first people I contacted since being part of NDIS and it was the best decision I am glad I made. All my needs are met very swiftly from the gender of the person to getting an OT out ASAP. You don't have to wait like with other providers and rest assured you won't regret it either.

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